# downloads

It will take lengthy time to download and install below softwares, especially over slow network.

Please download and install them in advance.

# mac

brew install git tig tree vim tmux
  • Xcode (via Mac App Store)
  • VM (optional, see below in windows)

# windows

apt-cyg install git tig tree vim tmux

# gnu/linux (or PureOS inside VM)

sudo apt install git tig tree vim tmux

# common softwares across all systems

For mac, download and install below in native system. (optional in PureOS VM guest to try out gnu/linux)

For windows, install below in PureOS MV guest, also in native windows if disk space allowed.

cargo install mdbook

# operating system difference

We will mainly focus on POSIX environment, mac and PureOS (in VM) share lots of similarity in this regard for shell commands.

While mac has Xcode to build Local Native iOS app, windows has to deal with Registry Editor to make Local Native web extension work.