# Develop a Cross-platform App - Software Engineering Exercise

# goal

# non-goal

  • in-depth coverage of any particular language, tool or algorithm.
  • it's encouraged to hack the code to experiment adding new features or fix bugs, but not required.

# prerequisite

  • able to setup and trouble shot software installation process.
  • able to work with (and enjoy!) typing in non-gui command-line interface.
  • able to fluently switch between multiple applications and track file locations.
  • some programming experience is preferred.

# hardware

  • a relatively modern laptop is required.
  • minimum 4-core; 8 core cpu recommended.
  • minimum 4 GB of RAM; 8 GB of RAM or more recommended.
  • enough disk space (minimum 50GB free space).

# operating system

  • only mac support ios development.
  • Local Native desktop and android development on windows will be using virtual machine.
os browser
ios android
windows * *